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Flat steel looping machine

Flat steel looping machine
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Large 12-16mm looping machine

Rebar looping machine



Wire diameter of looping machine: Φ12-Φ16

Circle diameter of ring machine: Φ55-Φ1000

Looping machine input voltage: 3-phase 380V

Circular input power: 7.5KW

Speed: 20-40m/min

Precision of looping machine: ±0.5-1

Dimensions: 4300X1800X1200

Weight: 0.8T 


The performance characteristics of the looping machine: 

1. The CNC integrated control system of the looping machine controller, digital display screen, convenient operation, saving time, convenient management, and improving production efficiency.

2. The hydraulic motor is directly driven with higher accuracy. There is no need for gear assist, which can reduce gear backlash.

3. The wire feeding is stable, fast and accurate, with positive and negative functions, and easy to adjust.

4. Professional design and manufacture of oil pressure station, stable oil pressure and adjustable speed. The solenoid oil valve, oil pump, and oil pump motor adopt Taiwanese products.

5. With counting function, output can be set, and it will stop automatically when finished.

6. The encoder is imported, and the measurement is accurate.

7. Equipped with water-passing device to keep the oil temperature stable, avoid the hot weather and long-time work to make the oil temperature too high to ensure accuracy.


Application of looping machine:

The looping machine is suitable for: rolling copper wire, flat iron, iron wire, stainless steel wire, cold drawn wire, galvanized wire, aluminum wire and other metal wires (round, flat, square, etc.) into a full circle, semicircle or any angle Concentric arcs. The diameter can be adjusted arbitrarily. The looping machine is one of the conventional equipment in the metal wire and sheet processing industry. The looping machine is iron wire products, cement poles, mine air ducts, environmental protection dust removal frameworks, flower pot racks, luggage fasteners, fan nets, and handicrafts. , Lampshades, automobile steering wheels, single wheel rims, daily hardware kitchen utensils (such as barbecue grills, stove racks) and other industries to improve product quality, reduce production costs, and increase productivity. The first choice for looping equipment.


Main accessories of looping machine:

11.5KW motor, 3 electronic valves, 1 oil pump, 1 motor, 1 reducer

The looping machine is equipped with 1 winding frame, and the oil tank is not equipped with hydraulic oil. Generally, 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil is used (the number of hydraulic oil used in particularly cold places depends on the local climate)


Parameter table of various looping machines (for reference):

Product NameInput VoltageWire Diameter(mm)Speed (m/min)Precision(mm)Motor Power
DQ2-6 Circle MachineThree-Phase 380V50HZ2-615Meter±0.5Meter1.5KW
DQ2-6 Servo looping machineThree-Phase 380V50HZ2-630Meter±0.5Meter1.5KW
DQ2-8 Circle MachineThree-Phase 380V50HZ2-815Meter±0.5Meter3.75KW
DQ2-8 Servo looping machineThree-Phase 380V50HZ2-830Meter±0.5Meter2.2KW
10-12 Circle MachineThree-Phase 380V50HZ10-1215Meter±0.5Meter5.5KW
14-16 Circle MachineThree-Phase 380V50HZ14-1612Meter±0.5Meter7.5KW
16-20 Circle MachineThree-Phase 380V50HZ16-2010Meter±0.5Meter11.5KW